This morning we sat down for group time and talked about ‘everyday’ foods that are good for our bodies, and ‘sometimes’ foods that we enjoy sometimes. The children show a great understanding in this. Mason said “I like broccoli!” as we all showed flash cards of different vegetables and fruits to stick on the wall in their correct category with Velcro!

Miss Thea then read Emmett’s Dinosaur book that he bought in today and we all enjoyed it very much. We all loved the underwater dinosaur!

Before lunch the children went off to gymnastics or had a play outside before lunch time!

For activity time today we explored-

  • We explored our ‘everyday’ and ‘sometimes’ foods. We also played a sorting game, the children sorting the vegetables and fruit into the correct box.
  • Igloo exploring!! Everyone explored this today!
  • Dried oats sensory box- Frankie, Florence, Matthew, Mason, Charli, Milah.
  • New farm animals, the little people and theme park rides. –The children are really enjoying these toys and everyone had a turn at using these.
  • Home corner- Emmett, Connor, Olivia, Ollie, Frankie, Audrey.
  • Building area – Mason, Emmett, Connor, Charli, Milah, Florence, Rohan, Audrey, Zoey.
  • Montessori practical life area Audrey, Charli, Mason, Emmett, Zoey, Alexander, Milah.

Thank you for our amazing day in Senior Kindy! 

See you all tomorrow! 

Miss Neve and Miss Thea 🙂 


Written by elcseniorkindy