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What a wonderful day the children have had today in the senior kindy room we started the morning off back outside running around with our friends all the children were so excited after so much rain the last few days. we all loved playing in the new sand in the sand pit as well riding the bikes and climbing on the fort.

The children came inside at nine thirty to sit for a group time with Mr Lachie we have been enjoying dream time stories at the moment, all the children enjoy interacting along with the story asking questions and listening well. The children then transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands before sitting down to morning tea

The children then had so much fun participating in a class activity for Easter, Miss Dakota put out water paint and the children painted onto paper eggs, all the children loved watching as the colours mixed together.

Some of our friends had a fun morning a gymnastics and when they came back we did some relaxing yoga before moving onto som e free play around the room.

thanks for a wonderful day see you tomorrow.