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Good afternoon to all our senior kindy families and welcome back to the daily blog, we hope you had an amazing day as we had at kindy.

Our morning started in the pre kindy class exploring all the activities and interacting with all the friends until 8 o’clock that we put our hats on and applying lots of sunscreen to protect ourselves from the sunny weather.

Children had the best morning outside, everybody was super happy and in an amazing mood, lots of dancing in the shaded area, bike races around the yard, and water play on the sandpit making amazing cakes and castles and jumping on the black tray that was filled up with water, they just loved it!

With all the fun we decided to extend the outdoor play until 9:30 that we lined up at the bathroom put our sandy shoes away and wash our hands to enjoy some delicious morning tea that Miss Kristie prepared for us: seasonal fruit with granola slice, once we packed away our bowls and drink bottles we joined Miss Roya on the mat to sing our days of the week song and read the books that our friends Rafaela and Jasmine brought today to kindy, thanks so much for sharing 🙂 Just when we finished them our Tumble Tots instructors came to pick our friends: Hari, Mack, Emily, Luke, Ashton and Murray to go to gymnastics, the rest we stayed in the class to  keep working in all the Crithsmas activities;

  • On the present table, children were able to finish our Crithsmas Stars and our angels with Miss Bea decorating them using some paint, glitter, cotton balls, pens and glue, they look amazing!
  • On the Crithsmas tree table, children had a one to one activity with Miss Shannen answering some questions for their letter to Santa Claus, it’s so cute to hear their answers

The home corner was super busy. lots of interactions with the dinosaurs and the dress-up area. At 10:45 our yoga instructor Miss Hayley came for our weekly session to learn some new stretching poses and keep learning about being kind and gentle, Miss Hayley guided them on an adventure to the beach to practice some surf and laying down on the sand, all the children did a very good job following all her instructions, well done little yogis!

After our yoga class and packing away the toys we joined Miss Bea to read some more books and Miss Stacey to practice our Christmas songs, now we are able even to introduce some basic movements at the same time that we sing, then was time to wash our hands and enjoyed the children’s favourite, our cheesy and veggies toast, everyone asked for more, more than one time!

Now everybody is resting enjoying some relaxing Christmas music accompanied by the Christmas tree lights and charging their batteries, we may have a special call this afternoon from Santa so better we show him our best behaviors!!

Thanks so much senior kindy for one more day full of learning and fun, and we will see you tomorrow to finish the week in the best way possible


Lots of love Miss Stace, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xxxxxxx