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Senior Kindy – Thursday 21st June, 2018

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Welcome back to Senior kIndy!

Oliver brought in some paw patrol cupcakes this morning and his sister Mila joined us while we sang happy birthday and ate them all up!

today was all about getting to know what the children like and the children forming new bonds with us. MIss Jasmine and Miss THea spent inside and outside playing with every child, Seb, Max and Ryder spent the morning constructing the trainsets and connector toys.

Charlotte, Willow, Remi, Abigail, Poppy and Hallie loved the homecorner toys and dress up. they were all busy talking on the phone and making dinner.

Indigo, Mithcell, Casey B, Cozmic and Parker played nicely together with the building blocks and connecting toys.

Oliver, Joshua, Eric, Evie and Aston did some puzzles and drawings, they also did some great sharing and packing away.

Dont forget tomorrow from 4:30-6:30pm is our kindergarten opening day, a sausszge sizzle will be provided and we woukd kove to see everyone there!

Enjoy the photos!

Miss Thea and Miss Jasmine


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