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What a busy day we have had today in the senior kindy room, we started off as we always do playing with our friends from next door, all the children loved exploring in the gardens today we climbed over the rocks sat at the wooden table and looked at the trees. Before we knew it we were being called to go line up at the door for our morning group time, the children all sat on the mat and enjoyed a story by Mr Lachie as well as explaining to us about the day.

Today was extra busy because we had to practice for the Anzac day ceremony that will be held tomorrow afternoon, the children all did so well sitting and singing and we cant wait to show you tomorrow afternoon when we participate in the ceremony.

When we had finished our rehearsal we came inside and Mr Lachie made us so red play dough the same colour as the poppies. The children also explored the room playing with the blocks as well as in home corner and with the loose parts from nature.

what a lovely busy day we have had see you tomorrow.