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Good Afternoon to our wonderful Senior Kindy families.

Our morning started outside burning some energy with our prekindy friends so we could enjoy a quick play before it beginning to rain. Children enjoyed the big dinosaurs, bikes and the sandpit that was full of buckets and shovels, it was so nice so see everyone wearing their costumes, thanks senior kindy for being always very participative.

At 9:30 we came inside for morning tea, today we got the delicious and warm baked beans in tomato sauce with a soft Turkish bread. During morning tea time we have been talking about the weather and everybody was giving their opinion of how the weather will turn for the rest of the day, we talked about rain, sunny sky, cloudy sky, even the chance of snowing or watching a rainbow!

Then we gathered Miss Bea on the mat for a group time, we sang our days of the week song,  and we sang the rain song but this time we changed a bit the lyrics calling the rain to come so all our trees and forest will be green and clean. Also we read the book Peppa’s pumpkin party that our friend Anthony brought today that everybody loved it! Our pumpkin Sally Mark was joining us in the mat too.

Today our friends : Hari, Ashton, Viaan and Frankie had their turn for the photos, so everybody that didn’t have a turn yet, tomorrow will have their photos done, this is:  Raphael, Arlo, Elsie, Jai, Evie, and Audrey in case you want to bring any special clothes 😊

The day started to rain so there were lots of activities offered in the class:

  • On the spider table a poster activity was offered for children to create a special picture that we plan to display next week! The children enjoyed using pens and pencils to colour in the paper which then extended into a free expression drawing activity where the children used blank pieces of papers to make monsters!
  • On the witches hat table a playdough activity was offered with pipe cleaners, feathers, egg cartons and googly eyes to create spooky spiders and monsters. The children all used their imagination to create weird and whacky creations using their fine motor skills to carefully mould the playdough.

It was a bit too wet this afternoon unfortunately so we had to stay inside, but we decided to take the tables and chairs outside so we had a bit more space to play.


  1. Photos are this week, so don’t forget to pack your pretty outfits, and your big smiles! If you have any requests about photo days, please write them in our communication book and we will check that daily. Photo’s run for the entire week!
  2. New Incident Trauma Book. Much like our communication book, we also have an incident book that records any injuries that may have happened at home. We ask that if your child ever has an injury you fill out a page in this book so that it is recorded for legal purposes. If you wish to have a look at the layout, the book sits on the brown table located outside of the office along with our communication book. Thank you.

Lots of Love,

Miss Bea, Miss Rose and Miss Stacey x