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Good afternoon to all our senior kindy families and welcome to the daily blog to know more about all the fun stuff we have been doing at the Hills

First of all, we want to say THANK YOU! to Mack for the special treat of the day, every child got a special Christmas cupcake with green icing and a start on top like a Christmas tree, everybody enjoyed this delicious treat with a huge smile in their faces

Our morning started in the pre kindy class playing on the cafe parlor, making some puzzles, and interacting with their friends until 8 am that we came back to our class to find our shoes and hats, applying sunscreen, and get ready to explore the yard which was settled so nicely with a dinosaur word area, the big blocks that children were lining to make a balance bean across it, a tricky obstacle course and some funky music to start the day in our best vibe.

At 9:30 we lined up at the bathroom door to going to the toilet, washing our hands so we could enjoy some yummy yogurt served with seasonal fruits and a granola slice

Once our tummies were full we joined Miss Shannen on the mat to sing some songs and read some books that our friends brought from from:

-Kaia brought in some amazing Christmas Books to really get us in the Christmas Spirit.

– Murray left his construction book here from yesterday, so we decided to read that again and he also brought in a funny book called ‘My Daddy ate an Apple’

– Rafaela brought in a Peppa Pig Book called Baby Alexander

-Anthony brought in a very educational book about living with water, discussing water safety.

Today we decided to create snowman using playdough as an extension of one of the songs that we are preparing for our Chritsmas party We incorporated sustainability into this sensory activity by using recycled items and natural resources to help make our snowmen. We used pipe cleaners, pop corn kernels, sequins and pom poms to help decorate the snowmen. The children participated in basic mathematics and science to help make the playdough, watching and observing as the ingredients changed the texture of the dough. Miss Bea sat at the table with the children and demonstrated how to make a snowman, and then the children used their creative fine motor skills to build snowmen of their own at the same time we could enjoy some snowman songs and even singing, well done senior kindy!

On the present table children could enjoy a felt board activity that helps them to develop their imagination and their fine motor skills, the dress up area was very demanding today as well as the lego connectors

At 11 o’clock Miss Halyley came to practice some yoga with us and help us to calm ourselves and chill. Whilst building upon our physical skill abilities. The children focuses on their wellbeing and learning about their peace bubbles. Our peace bubbles is our own personal space, where no one is to pop anyone’s bubble and respect others space. This teaches spatial awareness and respect towards others.

Tumble tots today for our friends Emily, Hari, Luke, Mack, Ashton and Franki to keep working on their motor skills and came back super happy with a special Chritsmas sticker

After our yoga class and packing away all the activities we joined miss Stacey on the mat to sing lots of funny songs and even to stand up in our feet and do some dancing and running around the class to burn some energy and get ready for rest time

For lunch we enjoyed our famous veggie and cheese sandwiches that everyone loves it and now is time to have a nice rest to keep enjoying our afternoon

Thanks so much senior kindy for the fun day and we will see you tomorrow again!!

Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen, Miss Bea and Miss Charlie xxx