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Good afternoon to all our Senior Kindy families and welcome back to our daily blog

Our day started in Prekindy class exploring all their activities and interacting with all our friends showing our amazing costumes that we brought for Halloween, everybody looked terrific and some of them even spooky!!

At 8 am we put our hats on and went out to explore the yard, the wooden block area was pretty busy today creating big towers, bikes were very demanded has always, others were just pretending to use their super powers that their costumes gave to them.

After a big play we lined up on the bathroom to wash our hands so we could have some delicious baked beans with Turkish bread, everyone did an amazing job, some of them repeated twice or even three times so they must be really yummy! Once our tummies were full Miss Shannen was waiting for us on the mat, all the children are doing amazing during group times with their eyes looking, ears listening and leg crossed, today Zara and Emily were the chosen to have the special seat beside Miss Shannen which made feel them very proud of themselves, se sang some Halloween songs: 5 Little Pumpkins, Haunted House Dance party, 5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate, Who took the candy from the Trick or Treat Jar and then we read one of the children’s favorite book, Wombat Stew. Then Miss Shannen and Miss Bea explained the activities of the day:

-On the pumpkin table: Our friend Frankie brought today some cucumber and carrots seeds so  In small groups the children participated in a gardening experience with an educator We drew upon our memory of our previous gardening experiences and discussed the life cycle of a plant and the correct order of events. The children then added seeds to the soil and gave them plenty of water. We then placed the lid onto our greenhouse and picked a nice spot outside for it to sit in the sun! We can’t wait to extend on this further and watch as our seeds grow!

– On the hat and spider table: Sensory Frank Stein Hands: The children were offered a bowl full of green water, insects and rubber gloves, and were invited to explore this activity in small groups. This activity sparked discussions and communication about what they could see, feel, and hear and the children were supported with all their different opinions. This activity also incorporated literacy and numeracy as the children were required to count the insects and gloves and identify all the colours they could see. Now they are on the freezer so we will wait until tomorrow to keep exploring and see what happened to them after putting on a low temperature

Once we finished all our activities Miss Hayley just came in the perfect moment to practice some yoga with us, we danced some songs with her and practiced some breathing techniques which help us to calm ourselves and make us feel relaxed and in peace.

At 11 o’clock we went again outside for a quick play with Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen, and in small groups of 3/4 children at the time came inside the class to try to make their own beds with Miss Bea’s help, and suddenly it was lunch time, the morning passed so quick with all these activities!!

Now is time to have a rest so we will be ready and full of energy for the afternoon waiting for us

Thanks so much for one more lovely day Senior Kindy friends and we will see you tomorrow again!!

Don’t forget to bring your special costumes tomorrow to finish with this spooky Halloween season


Lots of love Miss Stacey Miss Bea and Miss Shannen xx