No outside play this morning as it was a little wet, instead the children enjoyed coming together in the Pre Kindy room the children explored the home corner as well as the quiet area, the children also enjoyed sitting together at the table drawing and interacting with educators. Senior kindy transitioned to the our room where Miss Andressa made them pink playdough that they all decided was a good colour, the children also said that they wanted glitter in the playdoug. 

Miss Dressa took the morning group time with our friends all gathering on the mat to mark the roll, the children have shown so much interest in spring and farm animals that Miss Dressa played animal sounds Miss Dressa asked the children if they could make the sound as well as tell her what the animal is, the children had so much fun playing this little game.

The children had a second group time before Lunch, All our friends had been asking all morning if well could listen to another story on the speaker, today the children wanted to hear stick man the children sat so well listening to the story and noted the different sounds that they heard.

Today the children transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands after group time, today Miss Dressa asked the children what their favorite farm animal is before they moved off the mat and headed to the bathroom Gabby- Horse, Arianna- Pig, Henry- Pig, Pia- Horse, Jules- Cat, Jonathan- Horse, Samuel- Horse, Pip- Dog, Isla- Dog, Zoe- Pig, Daisy- Cat, Oliver- Dog and horse, Alby- Turkey, Birdie- Cow, Mariette- Cat and Horse, Carter- Horse and pig, Zac- Chicken, Ava- Horse.

Today the children continued to play with the playdough that they had made this morning, the children used rolling pins and Cookie cutters to make different shapes, the children made lots of different sized snakes that they showed Miss Elizabeth. The children also helped to paint a box white Miss Krystie in the kitchen has given senior kindy lots of little lego packets we have decided to make a little shopping centre of the children to explore. The children also enjoyed watching Miss Andressa put the finishing touches on the barn we have been making over the past few days the children were so excited to see the barn doors getting put on and we cant wait to add the animals inside.

Many of the children showed an interest in the home corner today, the children all wanted to put the nappies on the babies and dress them up in the little clothes, the children also enjoyed pushing the trucks around the room and having races with the pull back cars seeing who would win and then running after them at the end to bring them back to the start.

For the group time this afternoon the children sat with Miss Elizabeth, we spoke about the fun things we had done today and wondered what we could do tomorrow, the children all had very interesting ideas. the children all put on their sunscreen moving to the mirror to make sure that it was all rubbed in before putting on their hats and lining up to go outside to play.