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Hello to all our friends and families of our beautiful Senior Kindy class! We hope that everyone has had a great Thursday just like we all have here in Senior Kindy with Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea. Welcome everyone to our Thursday the 3rd of December 2020 blog. This is a little snippet on how we all spent our Thursday…

This morning we spent some time in the Toddler rooms as we waited for more friends to arrive, it was nice for us all to play with our younger friends. When more of our friends arrived we all made our way back over to our rooms to put away our bags, drink bottles and get our hats and sunscreen on! We were straight out in the yard this morning making the most of the weather while we could as we had a few grey clouds hanging over us. We had a group of children playing up on the hill pumping the water pump for water play, exploring the garden finding bugs and flowers, rolling down the hills, watering and caring for our gardens, riding the red bikes around the sandpit track, engaging in table activities that were on offer this morning – free expression drawing using pencils and fabric markers, construction building with the Duplo connectors, reading books on the mat area that was nice and cosy full of pillows and cushions and lets not forget the dancefloor that Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen created out in the under covered area!

We were all having so much fun and enjoying the weather as it wasn’t so hot that Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea thought that it would be fun for all of us to have a outdoor play day! We headed inside for some yummy morning tea just after 9:30am we all washed our hands with lots of soap and water removing all the yucky germs from our hands. Miss Shannen had some special helpers this morning who help to set up all the tables for all our friends, the children all enjoyed a bowl of yummy fresh fruit salad that Miss Kristy had made topped with cold vanilla yogurt with the option of adding in some crunchy muesli for our friends to stir and mix in filling up all our bellies. When everyone was finished we all packed away our drink bottle, bowls and stacked our chairs before joining Miss Shannen on the group time mat. We started off our group time with saying our welcoming of the land followed by our days of the week where we discovered that today is THURSDAY, Miss Shannen then asked all our friends if anyone had brought in some books to read we had lots of friends sharing book with us today! We read Where is the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Peppa’s Christmas Jumper Day, Peppa’s Christmas and 123 GO!

Once we had re applied our sunscreen we all lined up at the door ready to head outside for the morning! And our friends from Pre Kindy joined us outside for the morning as well. We all had a ball playing together. And today when Miss Hayley arrived for yoga we combined both of the classes together and we had yoga with all our friends from Pre Kindy! While we were outside Miss Kim and Miss Kate came to visit and we thought that we would practice our Christmas concert songs with Miss Kim and Miss Kate being our audience. We all did such a great job with sung with our biggest voices, we all cant wait for you to see us sing our songs to you all next Wednesday for our concert!

Its been a awesome day!

See you all tomorrow, enjoy your evenings.

Our friend Zephyr kindly brought in little gift packs for all our friends to each take home as a Christmas gift. Each child has received a goodie bag inside their backpacks to take home. Thank very much to Zephyr and his family for making these!

Lots of love, Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xxx