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Good afternoon everybody and welcome back to one more day full of fun at Senior kindy!

Our morning started in the prekindy class exploring all the activities that the had, children loved the tea party table role-modeling that they were on a birthday party, as well as the construction area and the activities that were on the tables.

At 8 o’clock after applying lots of sunscreen, hats on and drink bottles full of water we went outside full of energy despite the sun was already doing it’s best to warm us up. Children enjoyed the dinosaur structure, the puzzle road and the slide, also the hoops were very popular which everybody was trying to spin around on the floor, this activity requires lots of fine motor skills and everybody did amazing!

At 9:15 we lined up on the bathroom with Miss Stacey to sing our washing hands song, pass the roll, wash our hands and sit down on the table to enjoy a delicious morning tea, today it was vanilla yogurt with fruits and coconut and chocolate slice.

Then it was time for a group time on the mat to practice some Christmas songs, children have been so cute singing the songs showing lots of expressions on their faces, we are very impressed with all of them about how quick they are learning the lyrics for our Christmas concert!! Amazing senior kindy friends! We got some time to read a few books Kaia Mrs Lady Bettle, Rafaela: There was an old lady who swallowed a star; I don’t need a nappy

Today we decided to stay inside to have a rest from the strong sun, children enjoyed the home corner and the picnic area, the car station and on the Christmas tree table children were able to create a collage: The children have shown an interest in mermaids throughout the week and often extend upon this interest in the sandpit, using the sand to create mermaid tails over their legs. We decided to extend further by offering a collaging activity using recycled paper, using our fine motor skills to stick onto a piece of coloured paper. The activity was a free expression experience and once complete, an educator cut into mermaid tails.

Gymnastics today for Hari, Franki, Murray, Mack, Emily and Ashton. We also got Yoga with Miss Hayley that was a fully participation, we did some yoga songs with different stretching and ended up with a beautiful meditation laying down on our backs and Miss Hayley put a special stone on our forehead that helps us to calm ourselves and feeling connected to the present, it was so beautiful to see everybody very concentrated during the class

Before lunch we joined Miss Shannen for a group time to sing some songs and read the book I don’t need a nappy, that it will help our little friends to feel more confident to use underwear and saying bye to their nappies, we also sang some songs and watch the lava movie that all children love it. Then it was time to sit on the table and enjoy the super yummy cheesy with veggies toasts! Everybody was asking for seconds that Miss Bea had to go back to the kitchen to grab a second tray.

Now everybody is resting their bodies so we are using this time to decorate our senior kindy class with all the Christmas stuff so we can give them a surprise once they wake up 😊

Parents and friends just a friendly reminder that This Friday is Floral Friday for the month of November.

Enjoy your evenings and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. We are also on the hunt for empty boxes if you have any lying around at home we are wanting to use them for our room.

Lots of love Miss Stacey Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx