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hello our senior kindy families! welcome to Thursday, we have had such a good day in our room and we hope you have enjoyed your day as much as we have!

we were so happy that the sun was shining this morning and that we could get outside to have a big play in the yard. the bikes were busy with friends racing around the yard, the sandpit had lots of friends in it making sandcastles or using the trucks to transport the sand from one side to the other. the yard looked very colorful this morning with friends racing around with the colorful balloons creating a sea of balloons.

we moved inside for a group time and then had some yummy morning tea before we got stuck into the days activities,

Zoe, Sophie, Sadie, Samuel and Gabby headed off to gymnastics with Miss Kim and Miss Kate while those who stayed behind got involved in some art and enjoyed some self-selections play as they moved throughout the room. Jules, Mariette, Max and Daisy did a great job at their spaghetti painting and were excited to see the patterns they created and did a really good job at encouraging each other to get involved. Zac, Alby, Claudia, Henry, Ava and Jonathan explored the room and enjoyed watching their friends create their paintings. As a group we packed up the room and joined together on the mat for a group time to start settling out bodies to prepare for lunch and rest time.

it was a super busy and excited day in the senior kindy room and we look forward to having a great end to the week tomorrow!

Miss Dakota, Miss Rochelle and Mr Lachie