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Hello and good afternoon to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome to Thursday the 26th March, 2020

Today we had only a small class of friends that attended Kindy today with Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen, we joined classes today with all our friends from Pre-Kindy and Miss Thea where all our friends could play together in our yard. We all loved playing out in the yard today with all our friends enjoying the fresh air, the cool breeze and the sun shining. Being out in the arm weather is so great for our little bodies as it helps fight all the bad bacteria and germies and it’s a great way to build our physical skill abilities and get our daily dose of vitamin c! As our classes were quite small today, we joined with Pre Kindy for the entire day, including rest time which was really fun and exciting for the children! When making the beds we ensured enough space between our beds so that we are still abiding by the rules and regulations put in place to keep us nice and healthy!

We had an extremely busy morning full of fun and play! The children are absolutely loving the water pump near the top of the yard. Some of our friends were filling buckets to bring back to the sandpit to create sandcastles, whilst others were filling up containers so that they could wash their babies during some role play experiences.

Just before it was 9:30am we all joined with Miss Stacey on the outdoor mat to have our morning group time. Miss Stacey marked our class roll together where each friend would respond with “Good Morning.” We continued on with some counting and singing Happy Birthday to our friend Kaia. Our special birthday boy then chose a book for us to read which was ‘The Very Hungry Bear.’

After our morning tea picnic, we packed away our bowls, washed our hands really well then gathered around the table for our cooking experience. Together with Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen the children made cupcakes for Kaia’s Birthday. We all ensured we were very careful and made sure our hands were extremely clean. Miss Shannen then took our cupcakes to the kitchen to be cooked! Once they were finished, we let them cool and then iced them ready for a special afternoon tea treat! We hope you had a spectacular birthday Kaia, thank you for sharing with us! To help Kaia celebrate, we took some beautiful, happy photos of him, decorated a card and presented him with his special birthday certificate!

We have all had a really great day and have loved being able to stay outside for most of the day playing with friends from both Senior Kindy and Pre-Kindy.

We would just like to reach out and send the biggest thank you to all of the families that have been with us on this journey and supported us so far this year. Although we’ve only spent a short amount of time together, we are super grateful to come to work everyday and spend our time with the most beautiful children. Miss Shannen and myself both love coming to work everyday and love moulding these little minds into the beautiful, and strong little humans they are today and we are so grateful to be apart of such an important time in their life!

See you all tomorrow

Stay safe!

Lots of love, Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx

Parents friendly reminder that if your child is away we require a Doctors Certificate or Medical Clearance in order to be able to return to Kindy, thank you all for your understanding during this time we are also now kindly asking if we can please keep your child’s sheets in our sheet basket to minimise contamination going back and forth from home to kindy and vice versa.

Written by elcseniorkindy