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Hi everybody and welcome to our Senior Kindy blog. Here’s a quick snapshot of all the fun stuff we have been doing today 😊

Our morning started in the yard playing with our prekindy friends, but only for a short amount of time as we had to prepare ourselves for an interactive experience we inclusively got to experience in the Senior Kindy class today!

The children were seated by 9am and enjoyed the delicious cake and fresh fruit that Miss Kristie had prepared for us! Once we had finished, we quickly packed away and sat on the mat ready for the arrival of Professor Jellybean!

We were all given lab coats and special safety goggles, and we turned on our listening ears ready for a Science filled morning. The children were asked to go and find a seat at the table and listen to the instructions of Professor Jellybean. We participated in four scientific activities and they were.

  1. The children made fake snow! In the middle of each table was a small container of water. Professor Jellybean added droplets of food colouring to each container, and the children worked hard using their prior knowledge to guess what each colour would make as they were mixed together. We then added a special, powder like substance and watched carefully as it soaked up the water and turned into a soft tactile material that felt like snow. This activity involved cause and effect and the children loved watching the water turn into a solid element right in front of their eyes.
  2. Our second activity was making wriggly worms. Again, cups of water were placed in front of the children and Professor Jellybean came around with a paint like substance to put on every child’s ‘tester’ finger. The children were to observe how the substance felt on their finger, with the children discussing that it was runny and wet. Professor Jellybean then came around with the powdered substance again and placed it in all of the children’s bowl of water. Professor Jellybean then placed the paint bottles on the table and the children were instructed to squeeze the paint into the water in a circular motion. As the paint hit the water, it suddenly turned into a solid, turning into water looked like, coloured wriggly worms. We placed a lid on our containers and we had the opportunity to take them home. When pulling the worms out of the water they had turned solid on the outside, but still running on the inside as they were not processed enough. Some of our friends learnt this by squeezing the worms and watching them pop! A reminder to families, that if you children play with this at home, we suggest you place an old table cloth, or choose this activity as an outside activity just incase things get messy! This experiment was another visually exciting experience as we physically observed the changes that happened throughout the experiment.
  3. Volcanos – At the table, were six small test tubes filled with water. The children assisted to add food colouring to them, identifying the colours as they placed the droplets in the water. Again, the children were offered the powdered substance, and this time the children were required to add their small cup of the reactant into the water. As soon as the children poured the elements of their cup into the water, they watched as the two ingredients reacted together and made a small volcano explosion as it fizzed and bubbled. This was a great way to teach children about cause and effect.
  4. Finally the children were given a special telescopic gift. The children were asked to look through their small round disc to see that the light around our classroom would reflect of this disc creating a rainbow. This was a visual experiment and the children were truly amazed.

Thankyou Professor Jellybean for such a fun morning!


After a busy morning of Science, we opened up the side door and let the children explore outside with cognitive activites such as flower connectors, pyramid building blocks and the soft blocks. We also offered our fake snow from the Professor Jellybean show, stories and music to keep the children busy.


We also rearranged our room today, preparing and filling our room with Christmas joy! We are so excited to be celebrating this time of year with our Senior Kindy friends!


Thank you for a wonderful day Senior Kindy, we hope you have a lovely evening.


Lots of love,


Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea x