This morning we sat on the mat with Miss Neve for  group time. We sang our good morning song and days of the week. Miss Neve then read 2 “Paddington” books that Mason bought in to the class today. It was great because both books were on Letters of the Alphabet and Colours! The children really enjoyed calling out the colours and different pictures.

Miss Thea took us outside and we had a big run around in the playground before coming inside for some lunch!

Today for activity time we had explored:

  • Building area, playing with Lego and magnetic connecting blocks. – Sammy, Mason, Ada, Zoey, Ollie, Harvey, Ashton, Alexander Marko and Alex. (Alex and Marko play with each other inside and outside this looks to be a new formed friendship!!!)
  • Home corner – Everyone!
  • Book Corner – Everyone sat and read a book before the gym.
  • puzzles- Mason, Marko, Harvey, Ollie, Alex P, Ashton, Harvey, Elaina, Florence.
  • Playdough – Everyone!
  • Babies and prams –Zoey, Mia, Chloe, Mason, Milah, Olivia, Alexander, Oscar, Sara, Arianna, Ashton, Harvey and Elaina.
  • Animal table – Everyone.

We are making a family tree in our classroom; we would love to collect as many family photos as we could to add to the tree. If you would like to bring it in or email them, we would really appreciate it. : )

Thank you all for a great Tuesday! 

Miss Thea and Miss Neve. : ) 

Written by elcseniorkindy