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Senior Kindy – Tuesday 11th June, 2019

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At group time today, we sang the days of the week and our good morning song. Frankie, Milah and Emmett did such great singing!

Milah also told everyone that it is her birthday today! She held up three fingers and said, “I bought cupcakes!”.


Before lunch we had a disco party inside! We danced to Let it go, I’m losing it and baby shark.

We then read the books ‘Where’s dad hiding?’, ‘Hungry caterpillar’, Where is the green sheep’ and ‘Dinosaur counting’. We had some outdoor interests today with Marko interested in riding bikes and Emmett’s interest in obstacle courses and running races!

Miss Neve also set up some playdough outside as well, this was a big hit with everyone exploring this! Zoey, Milah, Ari, Olivia, Mason, Alexander, Frankie, Charlie, Emmett, Sammy and Marko.

We did some running races, running to the songs ‘Self control’ and ’10 little racing cars’.

Zoey, Olivia, Charlie, Emmett and Ari also used the large foam blocks to make a bus!

Marko and Charlie explored the garden area together using their imagination and forming a great friendship.

Milah, Mason, Zoey, Sammy and Ada used the colourful blocks to build a big ice-cream!

Miss Thea went on a bear hunt as well with the children following behind, we went through the obstacle course pretending it was grass, rivers and the forest.

For afternoon tea we sang happy birthday to Milah before having some yummy cupcakes!

Have a lovely evening,

Thea and Neve



Written by elcseniorkindy

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