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hello our senior kindy families!

we have had a very busy and fun filled day in the senior kindy room today. we started off our day with a big play in the yard taking in the lovely weather. The sandpit was busy with friends at work digging holes and transporting trucks of sand to their next area of work. our reading area had friends set up with pillows relaxing reading their stories on their own or just to themselves. of course the bikes were always racing around the yard and the fort was full of friends racing to the top to slide down the slide.

we moved inside for a group time with miss elizabeth and we discussed our activity of the day which would be some facial recognition. we did our aboriginal acknowledgment and read the story ‘ why i love australia’

all activity stations were busy with friends busy at work or being very creative.

when we woke up from our nap and it was time for afternoon we celebrated pias 3rd birthday, she brought in some cupcakes and party bags to share with all her friends. thank you pia and happy birthday !

we hope you all enjoyed your day as much as we did and we look forward to another day with you all tomorrow !

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Dakota