This morning we sat down for group time sang our good morning song and days of the week song. Since this week is science week, in group time we all watched Miss Thea do another science experiment! The children all sat in a circle as Miss Thea had a bucket of water and got different objects to drop them in to see which objects sunk and which objects floated! The children were amazed!

We then hand a group discussion about what happened and why.

For activity time today we Invited Lucia and Chloe into our room today for a big play and we explored-

  • Home corner, babies, purses and toy food – Marko, Charlie, Mason, Ada, Zoey, Ari, Milah, Mia, Alex, Edie, Charlie S-C, Elaina.
  • Building area, playing with lego and magnetic connecting blocks. – Alex, Ollie, Charlie S-C, Marko, Mason, Zoey, Alexander and Ada.
  • Science Experiment Sink and Float – Everyone.
  • little people toys – Everyone.
  • Igloo – Charlie, Marko, Sammy, Ada.
  • Rice sensory trough- everyone.
  • Cutting – Zoey, Ari, Mason, Charlie S-C, Olivia, Ada, Milah, Elaina and Sammy.

Thank you for a great day Senior Kindy! 

Miss Neve and Miss Thea! 🙂 


Written by elcseniorkindy