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hello senior kindy families !

today we started off our day with a big play outside making use of the cooler weather but without the rain. There was a lot of our friends in the sandpit playing with new sand that was put in over the weekend, some friends were at the puzzle table showing a lot of team work to help put the puzzles back together. There was some friends up on the hill as group sitting underneath the tree reading a book as some friends zoomed past on their bikes.

we made our way inside and sat on the mat for a group time with Miss Elizabeth.

we observed the weather as group and decided that we thought later on in the day in may rain again but for now its was cool and cloudy. Zac started to sing the dong ‘rain rain go away’ so as a class we sung this in hopes that the rain would stay away so we could play outside again this afternoon. Miss Elizabeth showed us what the activity of the day was and as a class we put together an example. We finished off our group time with some songs:

–       Days of the week

–       Aboriginal acknowledgment

And to transition off to the bathroom to get ready for moring tea we sung the washing hand songs

All the children got involved in the craft activity today and when they were finished they. Arianna, Jonathan, Charlotte, Connor and Kesem went off to gymnastics while the rest stayed behind getting the craft done or exploring the room playing at a station of their choice. Remi, Jules, Daisy, Levi, Zoe, Zac, Louis and Charlotte enjoyed completing their craft activity and then observing their friends do theirs before they moved on to find something else. Sadie, Sammy, Max and Pia were very busy in the home corner where they put together a café and offered out coffees, cakes and sandwiches.

it was a very busy Tuesday in the senior kindy room and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow !

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Dakota