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Hello everybody welcome all to our Tuesday the 17th of November 2020 blog! We hope that everyone has had a wonderful day and had just as much fun as we all have here in the Senior Kindy room with Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea.

Here is a little snippet about our day and what we got up to…

This morning as we waited for more friends to arrive we had a little play in the Senior Kindy room with our friends from Pre Kindy joining us for a little while, when the clock struck 8am we were packing away the toys, lining up at the door with our hats on our heads and sunscreen applied making the most of the sunshine and warmer weather!

We had lots of friends having fun splashing and jumping in the water from the water pump cooling down, some friends filled up their buckets and watered the gardens, some friends added water to their buckets of sand to help build a sandcastle and some friends filled up the water troff trays and enjoyed some water play.

A group of children along with Miss Shannen used the large Lego blocks to build the tallest tower, it was so tall that it was taller than Miss Shannen and when we had stacked up all the blocks on one another we would all move back a safe distance and watch the tower fall! We all thought it was so funny watching the blocks go everywhere that we all worked as a team and re built the towers over and over again we all did so well working as a team. This also was a great activity for the children to build upon their colour recognition with naming the colours of the blocks.

We all were having a ball out in the yard this morning. We all headed inside to wash our hands and enjoy a bowl of yummy fresh fruits and Miss Kristie’s home made cake!

Our Tuesday group of friends enjoyed the morning with Miss Kim and Miss Kate at Tumble Tots and arrived just in time for some morning tea.

When all our friends had finished eating morning tea we all cleared our bowls, drinks on the trolley and joined Miss Stacey down on the group time mat ready to practice our Christmas concert songs, read our friends books that they had brought in to share, days of the week, and welcoming of the land. The books that Miss Stacey read today were Row, Kiwi, Row Your Boat, A fish out of water, and The Dinky Donkey.  Thank you friends for sharing your book with us today. During group time Miss Stacey also explained to the class of the activities that we had today…

At the tables we had Christmas craft where the children finished off decorating and painting their stars, had their feet painted for their Mistletoes: Another extension of sensory painting, using the children’s feet to paint and transfer onto paper. The children enjoyed one on one experiences with their educators and we had the opportunity to hear the child’s voice as they commented about what the paint felt like on their feet and free play within the room we had lots of friend enjoying the home corner area with all our new Christmas themed goodies.

We have all had a super busy day and getting excited for Christmas!

We hope that everyone has a great evening and we will see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx

We are so sorry for no photos on our blog today we are getting our camera fixed, also a friendly reminder that tomorrow afternoon is our last Parent/Teacher Interveiws for the year, we look forward to seeing you all and having a chat.