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We had so much fun enjoying the nice warm sun outside this morning! Cozmic and Casey went down the slide together then started to race their trucks down the slide but were sure to look out for their friends playing in the sandpit below. Casey.I did such an amazing job balancing on our obstacle course and barley needed help once his confidence was up he let go of his educators hand and had a massive smile on his face.

Lining up at the door to transition inside for morning tea and activities the children handed their hats to miss Thea, went to the toilet, washed their hands, got their drink bottles and sat in front of a plate at the table with delicious zesty lemon polenta slices and fresh fruit! Yum yum, when the children had finished their morning tea they packed away then went and sat on the mat with miss Jasmine for group time.

At group time today after singing a few songs and books, one by one the children came up to the front of the class to show their friends their awesome dance moves, some preferred to bring one of their friends up with them to have a little dance sesh. Thankyou Willow for bringing in your book to share with us and also a big thank you to Max, Evie and Ryder for doing ahow and tell.

The children still had so much of their new room to explore today so we had lots of activities set up around the room for the children to freely play with and move from activity to activity. Its good to see everyone having so much fun and lots of nee friendships being made!

Enjoy the photos!!
Miss Thea and Miss Jasmine

Written by elctoddlers2

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