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Hello to all our friends and families of the Senior Kindy room! We hope that everyone has had a wonderful day and as much fun as we have all had today! Welcome everyone to our Tuesday 1st of December 2020 Blog! We are now in the last month of 2020 and that also means that we have 4 weeks till Santa comes to visit, and it also means that our Senior Kindy Christmas concert is next Wednesday the 9th of December 4pm-5pm! We hope to see all our families there for a lovely afternoon.

Now here is how we all spent our Tuesday here at the Hills…

This morning we started our day off in the Pre Kindy room as we waited for more friends to arrive for the day! When more of our friends had arrived and joined us we all headed outside to play out in the yard and gardens. Out in the yard today we had lots of friends wanting to ride the red bikes around the track, and they all did a fantastic job with turn taking, over on the hills we had some friends playing in the garden with the dinosaurs creating their very own Dinosaur Island! ROARRRRR!! We had a shorter play out in the yard this as morning we had a show on just outside our room.

Just after 9am Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen called for our all our Senior Kindy friends to line up at the bathroom door to wash their hands and make their way to the tables for some yummy morning tea! The children all enjoyed a bowl of yummy vanilla yogurt toped with fresh fruit and crunchy muesli for the children to mix and stir into their yogurts. Once everyone had finished eating their morning tea we all joined Miss Stacey down on the mat for our morning group time.

During our group time today Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and all our friends did a fabulous job with singing and practicing our Christmas concert songs we sung them with our biggest voices hoping that Miss Shazzy and Miss Tan would hear us! We also read and listened to our friends books that they had brought in from home to share. We had so many books to get through today that we read some during our morning group time and the rest during our afternoon group time. As we had a little time between group time and our turn to watch the show we all enjoyed some table activities and drawing while we waited for the show.

We were all in for a treat today with the Christmas Show! We meet Miss Julia who danced and sung along in the show, we had friends who participated in the show and dressed up in costume for the show. We all danced and sung along to Christmas songs and help Santa and all his friends bring in the Christmas spirit. We had an absolute ball and loved seeing our friends dressed up as Christmas characters – Snowmen, fairies, Santa, Rudolf and so many more. When the show had finished we all headed back inside for the rest of the morning and enjoyed activities and free play within the room until it was time to pack away and get ready for lunch!

We have also started a new menu for this morning and for lunch today we enjoyed yummy lasagne that Miss Kristie had made for us it was very cheesy and we loved it! With some friends using their manner and kindly asking for more!

We have all had a great day!!

We hope that everyone has a lovely evening and we will see all our friends and families tomorrow for another fun day! Ps. Only 25 days till Christmas!!!!

Lots of love, Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xxx