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Good afternoon dear families and friends, we hope you are having a wonderful day


Our morning started outside in the yard with our prekindy friends, everybody looked astonishing today with their best outfit and their biggest smiles for the photos 😊 Lots of play in the sandpit, riding bikes and shaking our bodies with some funky songs, at the same time that some of our friends in groups of 3 went down with Miss Gylian to have their photos done.

Tumble tots today for Mark, Avery, Zephyr, Haven, Macy, Amelia and Jordie, the rest we extended our free play until 9:15 so we lined up at the bathroom to wash our hands and sit down on the tables to have some yummy morning tea.

Day by day our class is looking super spooky ready for Halloween! The last input is been add on our tables, now we got 4 different shapes: Bat table, pumpkin table, witch table and spider table, children connect very well with this table method on meals and activity times.

After packing away we joined Miss Bea on the mat for a group time, today we prized Jai and Anthony on our special chairs for being sitting down so nicely with their listening ears on, then, we passed the roll sang our days of the week and welcoming of the land and we read two books:

-The very sleepy bear from our friend Amelia

-That is not my mermaid from our friend Avery

We also talked about the activities of the day

– Hat table children that didn’t have a turn yet could create their Halloween hands made of plaster bandages with Miss Bea help

-Spider table, children could paint their hands once they were dry using different brushes and colours

– Pumpkin table was settled with papers and colours to work on their drawing skills

Once they finished the table activities they could go and explore our inside activities and toys, the car station was super busy where children were having turns super nicely, also children have been role playing trick or treat with all kind of sources that they found around the class, we can see how they are enjoying this Halloween season as much as us!

Before having lunch we decided going for a quick play outside and sing and dance the 5 little pumpkin and the skeleton dance.

Now everybody is having a big rest so we can get ready for the afternoon full of fun

Thank you for a fantastic day Senior Kindy!


  1. Photos are this week, so don’t forget to pack your pretty outfits, and your big smiles! If you have any requests about photo days, please write them in our communication book and we will check that daily. Photo’s run for the entire week!
  2. New Incident Trauma Book. Much like our communication book, we also have an incident book that records any injuries that may have happened at home. We ask that if your child ever has an injury you fill out a page in this book so that it is recorded for legal purposes. If you wish to have a look at the layout, the book sits on the brown table located outside of the office along with our communication book. Thank you.

Lots of Love,

Miss Bea Miss Sana and Miss Gylian x