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Good afternoon to all our senior kindy families and welcome to our daily blog to hear all the fun stuff we have been doing today at the Hills

Our morning started in the Senior Kindy class enjoying all the indoor activities until 8 o’clock that we put our hats on, lots of sunscreen, and the trolley with all our drink bottles to keep us fresh.

Once outside everyone went straight away to the water pump with some buckets and as a team working together suddenly they filled up the canal creating the river all the way down to the hole area. Bikes races around the yard were very popular too, as well as the sandpit area using water on it to create castles and cakes.

At 9 am our friends Zephyr, Amelia, Haven, Macy, Avery, Arlo, Mark and Frankie went to their gymnastics session to stretch their bodies, then the rest we lined up in the bathroom to wash our hands so we could enjoy some delicious morning tea: seasonal fruits with a juicy coconut and pineapple cake.

After packing away our bowls and drink bottles, Miss Bea was waiting on the mat for us to sing our Good Morning Song and Days of the Week, then Miss Bea talked about her mini holidays and all the animals that she could see as dolphins and pelicans, then everyone wanted to share about their holidays or trips to the beach. Today we got 7 friends bringing books from home!! Thanks so much for being very involved, we read a couple of them and we will keep reading the rest for the afternoon, and to finish the group time we practiced our Crithsmas songs with Miss Stacey and Miss Bea, they did such an amazing singing.

Then we explained the activities of the day:

  • On the chimney area we set some cushions with all our friends books so all the children could enjoy them passing the pages very gently and sharing the books between all
  • On the Crithsmas tree table children had the chance to create their own Crithsmas trees with Miss Alex using paper plates, green paint. and all sort of glitter and sparkling shapes
  • On the present table, children that didn’t have a turn yet were able to finish their angels using the pens, glue and cotton balls
  • Home corner area was today very busy, children loved to make delicious coffees for Miss Stacey

After clean up time we joined all together on the mat to enjoy some educational videos until our lunch was ready to eat, yummy Asian noodles with lots of veggies and chicken.

Now everybody is having a nice rest so we will be ready for the afternoon that is waiting for us.

Thanks for one more amazing day senior kindy friends, we can’t wait to see you all tomorrow again


Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Bea, Miss Alex xxxxx