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Good Afternoon families and welcome back to our Senior kindy daily blog

Today we started the morning in our senior kindy class with our friends from pre kindy enjoying all the activities from the class, the cognitive trays were very busy as well as the home corner and dress-up area, we also played some cool music as the children requested it. At 8 o’clock we put our hats on and went for a play outside, today we got lots of spooky activities since early in the morning! Miss Stacey has been making with the kids some monsters using paper toilet rolls, paint pots and paintbrushes, pencils, pens, and pipe cleaners, it was such a cool activity where children stayed engaged, once the monsters were done we put then on the black tray that is displayed in our senior kindy room.
At 9 o’clock our friends Mark, Avery, Arlo, Haven, Macy, Frankie, and Amelia went to tumble tots, the rest we kept playing outside riding the bikes, bouncing the balls and playing races, once our tummies started to get hungry we came inside to have some morning tea, today we got seasonal fruit and the delicious apple and cinnamon pancakes that everyone enjoyed.
After packing away our bowls and drink bottles we joined Miss Stacey on the mat where we have been singing lots of songs! Children are getting very confident in their singing which is great for our little Christmas concert in a couple of months, we sang our welcoming of the land, days of the week and ABC song, we also read 2 books Bluey Goes to the Beach and My grandpa (A Peppa Pig Book) that our friend Abbi brought from home, then Miss Stacey explained all the activities that we got for today
– On the pumpkin table Frankenstein Feet: A sensory one-on-one experience. The children enjoyed the sensation of having their foot painted then the added skill of having to transfer the paint onto paper. Educators got to observe the children’s reaction one on one and asked how the paint felt on their foot encouraging conversations
– On the hat table: different kind of puzzles were set for the children
– On the spider table: Children got pens, pencils, and crayons to create some drawings using their imagination and fine motor skills
Around 11 o’clock after packing away our class, we decided to go outside for a play so we could enjoy our yard before that the rain comes and makes us stay inside, in this time we listened to our favourite audiobook at the moment called We are going on a Croc Hunt and we did racing games as some of the children have requested in the morning, after all the run, children were hungry again so we came inside to have a delicious pumpkin pasta with veggies and go to our beds for a well-deserved rest time.
Today is also our first day where Miss Stacey Miss Shannen and Miss Bea have been together in the class which is being so beautiful and easy to work and also we could see reflected on the kids that have been having such an amazing and relaxing day, thanks so much Senior Kindy for this wonderful day and we can’t wait to see you tomorrow again!
Don’t forget our Halloween dress-up days is Thursday and Friday this week. Also, if you have any empty boxes you aren’t using of any size, could you please bring them in as we have a plan we want to implement for our Christmas decorating. Thank you!
Have a lovely evening.
Lots of love,
Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea x