Today the children enjoyed being back outside in the beautiful sunny weather. The children showed alot of interest in the table set out with the textas and paper all telling Miss Elizabeth that they were drawing pictures for their mummies, the children also filled their buckets with water and gently carried them to the sandpit where they filled the holes they had dug. the bikes and obstacle course were also very busy today with the children all doing so great at sharing with their friends.

For Andressa took the group time once again, today the roll was called with all our friends calling out that they are here, the children all told Miss Dressa that they felt happy today. Miss Dressa read Octopants to the children who thought it was very funny as well as looking out the window at the weather.

Before lunch the children came together for a relaxing group time we listened to relaxing music and then hoped up to listen to some farm animal sounds the children then moved to the bathroom to wash their hands for lunch by making a farm animal sound.

The children transitioned to wash their hands but first Miss Dressa asked them what is their favorite sea animal? Zac- Cat, Jules- Dinosaur, Kesem- Shark, Charlotte- Fish, Birdie- Whale, Pip- Whale, Daisy- Dolphin, Zoe- Octopus, Levi- Shark, Pia- unicorn, Arianna- Kitty Cat, Isla- Cockroach, Ava- Cockroach.

The children continued learning about the season of spring, today the children used red and brown paint to paint a barn where all the animals will live as we make them the children used different sized paint brushes as well as roller brushes to paint on cardboard. The children sat 1:1 with Miss Parisa and engaged in a colour matching activity we are extending on the theme in gymnastics where they are learning colour our friends are very good with their colour recognition and did very well with this activity. Today the children told us that they wanted to use the light boxes to explore the bugs that are in the resin, the children used the magnifying glasses to examine the different areas of the bugs excited to see all the legs and wings. Home corner was also very busy with our friends wanting to hold the babies and feed them as well as the children playing with the logs and blocks in the block corner.