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Senior Kindy – Tuesday 3rd December, 2019

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This morning we sang our good morning song and days of the week. Thanks, Milah for sharing your Christmas book.

We then lined up ready to practice our songs and talked about what will be happening Friday afternoon, the children are excited to see SANTA!

They then practised the Christmas songs all by themselves! What a awesome job!

Before lunch we made our beds and did some dancing. Miss Thea got the children to jump, skip, twirl and hop around the room. Lots of laughing children today.Today during play time, we explored:

  • Train set- loved by Mason, Alex, Sammy, Ari, Ada, Oscar, Hendrix, Ashton, Harvey, Ollie and Marko.
  • Shape puzzles – encouraging the children to put the shapes together to create their own pictures. Mason, Beau, Marko, Charlie, Milah, Ari, Frankie, Ashton, Harvey, Chloe and Sammy.
  • Indoor water play – extending from Mason interest in washing the toy animals outside.
  • we got the trough and filled it up with pink water and added some dish soap to make some bubbles. We then added some cuts, bowls and animals for the children to explore. They absolutely loved this! It was explored everyone today!
  • Cars and trucks – Hendrix, Charlie, Beau, Mason, Alex, Marko, Ollie, Oscar, Ashton, Harvey and Sammy.
  • In home corner we have some adult sunglasses, superhero capes and blankets. Mia, Florence, Edie, Elaina, Ada, Ari and Chloe have enjoyed using them this morning.

Just a reminder to please bring your child in sun safe clothing, shirts that cover their shoulders. There is also Sunscreen next to the sign in sheet for the morning. 


Neve and Thea


Written by elcseniorkindy

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