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Good afternoon to all our Senior Kindy families and welcome to the daily blog


This morning we all enjoyed a play in our Pre Kindy room with all our Pre Kindy friends and teachers until 8 am that we decided to go to the yard and burn some energy running around and playing with our friends, children could enjoy a very tricky obstacle course, the big blocks on the mat and the road puzzle to have some races after, the sandpit was very busy as always too.

At 9 o’clock our gymnastics educators came to pick Avery, Macy, Arlo, Mark, Haven and Amelia to go to tumble tots, the rest we lined up on the door to wash our hands, put our hats away and enjoy some yummy and fresh fruits with a coconut cake for morning tea. Christmas time is starting to come to our Senior Kindy room step by step, our tables are now decorated with some Christmas shapes: Santa Claus hat, Christmas Tree, Present and a candy stick, children love this incorporation.

During group time with Miss Stacey on the mat we sing our days of the week song and welcoming of the land, we also read two books from our friends: Rafaela: Bluey goes to the Beach, Emily: Where is Mrs. Lady Beetle and Apollon came to beside Miss Stacey to talk about the literacy book and his new contribution on it, also Jordie came in front of her friends to show us her new purse with some items that were on it.

Today we decided to extend our learning inside the class exploring all our activities, on the Christmas tree table we have been making green playdough with Miss Bea, everyone had the opportunity to pour the ingredients following the recipe and mixing the dough until we could find the perfect consistency! We decided to put some green colour so we could try to make some Christmas trees. The children one at the time dig the index finger on the dough so we have everyone’s approval that our playdough was ready to use it! We got plastic spoons and knives and a tree mould, children showed a big interest in the activity. The construction area, car station and costumes were very demanded too.

At 11:15 after packing away all our toys we joined Miss Stacey once again so we could read our favourite book at the moment, We are going on a Croc Hunt, its an audiobook that includes the story followed by music and also we could enjoy some nursery songs at the same time that 4 children at once could go to make their own beds with Miss Shannen and Miss Bea’s help, children are getting so confident in completing this new task, we are so proud of you Senior Kindy!

For lunch we could enjoy a delicious Asian noodles full of veggies and taste, now everybody is having a quiet time so we can recharge all the energy for the afternoon and enjoy a special treat that our friend Arlo brought today to share with us to celebrate his birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all your senior kindy friends!! We feel so lucky to see all our little kids getting bigger day by day

*PARENT INFORMATION* Miss Bea is studying her diploma on early childhood and she would need a parent feedback about our Senior kindy class, you will receive an email with 5 questions to answer she would really appreciate if you could fill it out 😊 thanks so much

FLORAL DAY will be this Friday so don’t forget to bring your special floral outfit to celebrate this beautiful day all together

Thanks so much senior kindy for one more day full of fun and learning, have a good evening!

Lots of love Miss Stacey  Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx