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hello senior kindy families! we hope you had a great easter holiday break and the easter bunny found you all and enjoyed lots of chocolates over the weekend.

The sun was hidden behind the storm clouds and there was lots of rain falling from the sky so as we know when its raining outside we spend our time inside the classrooms. The calm corner had a lot of friends in it as the watched the rain fall outside and engaged in conversation about their easter holidays and the easter bunny visiting their homes. Other friends spent some time at the train tracks where they built a track that ran around the whole room and others were busy in the art corner making pictures for their mummys and daddys.

Today for our intentional teaching the children worked on recognition and where different parts of our body are. We sung ‘ heads, shoulder, knees and toes’ and then as the children put together they had to recognize where the different parts of the body such as arms, feet, mouth, etc. belonged on their Mr/Mrs Potato head.

Louis, Levi, Gabriella, Zoe, Sadie, Daisy and Kesem sat with Miss Rochelle and worked one on one or in teams to help each other put together their Mr/Mrs potato head. Jules, Connor, Jonathan and Arianna went off to gymnastics with Miss Kim and Miss Kate while those who stayed behind finished off their craft activity or engaged in some free choice play. Samuel and Kesem spent some time in the book corner reading stories to each other and even coming up with stories of their own. When they arrived back from gymnastics Connor, Jonathan, Arianna and Jules were all super keen to get into the craft and put together their potato head.

it was a great day in the senior kindy room filled with lots of activities and busy children, we hope you have a lovely night and we will see you tomorrow.

also a massive CONGRATULATIONS to our friend mariette who has won the easter raffle basket. please come and see one of us in the morning to collect your prize

Miss Dakota and Miss Rochelle