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Hello and good afternoon to all our lovely Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome to Tuesday the 7th of January 2020.

This morning we all enjoyed playing and exploring in the big yard with all our new friends in both Senior Kindy and Pre-Kindy. We had lots of toys out today in the yard, prams and babies, trucks and diggers, lawn mowers, dinosaurs, paddle pool for water play and mixing sand and water to create and make the best sandcastles the children are loving being able to ride the big bikes around the yard and climb on the obstacle course.

We all were enjoying ourselves so much that we didn’t want to come inside so today we decided to have a little bit of an extended play time before coming inside for our morning tea and group time with Miss Stace.

When it was time for us all to come inside we lined up outside our room door forming a long train, we all said the train was going to ‘Frozen’ toot toot and off we went.

We joined Miss Stacey on the mat and we read some of our books from our bookshelf, sung our good morning song, twinkle twinkle little star and we talked about the days of the week and today we discovered that it was TUESDAY!

Miss Stacey then transition the children to the bathroom with asking each friend what colour their shirt was, the children then washed their hands singing along to the hand washing song practicing good hygiene. We all enjoyed a very yummy morning tea with a freshly baked cake that was still warm along with a fresh fruit platter of strawberries, bananas and rockmelon.

Once everyone had finished eating their morning tea Miss Stacey made some green playdough with the children this morning, the children then enjoyed a free expression playdough activity using pipe cleaners and recycled materials with the playdough.

We also let the children explore and engage in their own choice of activity for the morning play. We  had lots of friends enjoy the home corner area and the block area.

Today was another wonderful day and we all really enjoyed each other’s company and played so well together.

Parents we are kindly asking if everyone can please bring in a “Family” photo for us to add to our family tree.

Thank you, see you all tomorrow

Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx


Written by elcseniorkindy

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