Hello to all our Senior Kindy friends and families welcome everyone to our Tuesday the 8th of December 2020 blog! We hope that everyone has had a wonderful day and are all ready and excited for our Christmas concert tomorrow afternoon starting from 4pm – 5pm. We hope to see all our friends and families tomorrow, we invite all our friends of our Senior Kindy class to come and attend, will be raffling off our Christmas raffle, so if you haven’t already purchased your raffle tickets please bring them along tomorrow for your chance to win a fantastic prize we have been lucky enough with all our friends and families donations that we will be raffling off two hampers! We are all looking forward to you seeing how hard all our friend have worked with practicing their Christmas songs, and performing for you all! Just a friendly reminder that on arrival there will be a sign in form if you can all please kindly use the clean pens provided to sign in. Any questions regarding tomorrow please don’t hesitate to ask.

This is how our Tuesday went..

This morning the sun had dried up all the rain and wet areas that were through out of yard and we were able to play in the yard again. YAY! We made the most of the weather while we could, when our friends arrived we all put our bags away in the lockers, drinks on the trolley, found our own hats and applied our own sunscreen before heading out to the yard to play and join all our friends! We had an area that was set up with the large mat along with the big blocks where a group of our friends all used great team work and built one very big tower all working so well together! Friends were getting rides on the back of the red bikes, climbing the fort and walking along the bridge and in preparation of tomorrow we had some friends helping Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea decorate the outdoor area with all our Christmas craft. Decorations and tinsel! It looks magical we are so proud of all what we have made!

This morning Miss Bea had some special helpers, help to set up our morning tea that Miss Kristie had made and this morning we all enjoyed a yummy bowl of coconut yogurt with fresh strawberries mixed in with fresh pieces of yummy fruit of bananas and rockmelon our friends all loved the yogurt with Miss Kristie’s own twist on it!

When we all had finished enjoying our morning tea we all sat down at the group time mat with Miss Stacey for our group time, we sung our Christmas songs, welcoming of the land, days of the week where today we discovered that it was TUESDAY and we all only had one more day before our Christmas party/concert. Miss Stacey also read all our friends books that they had all brought in today to share! We had so many to get through!

Today we all finished off our Christmas bags ready for tomorrow and all our Christmas craft, we also had some Christmas music playing for friends to dance and sing along too, home corner was open, musical instruments, free expression drawing, cars and trucks and so much more! We all had a great productive morning together!

Thank you Senior Kindy for a great day!

We will see you all tomorrow for our Christmas party. If your child has any Christmas shirts or outfits that they would like to wear or bring and change into then please feel free to bring them along or dress your child in the shirts/outfits.

Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx