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Hello and good evening to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome everyone to our Wednesday the 11th of November 2020 blog. We hope that all our friends and families have had just as much fun as we have today! Here is all about our day….

We started off the morning with joining classes with all our friends and teachers in the Pre Kindy room. We played and explored all the areas and toys that were set up through the Pre Kindy room, this morning we had lots of fun engaged in the sensory snow activity that our friends in Pre Kindy had made, this was such a fun and exciting experience as we waited for more of our friends to arrive and for us all to go and explore the yard!

With the sun shinning and not a cloud in sight we loved being outside we had bikes, sandpit buckets and shovels for the sandpit, cooking equipment in the MUD kitchen, dancing to music on the tiled under covered area and threading abc blocks on the table along with free expression drawing using lots of different coloured markers and the soft foam blocks in the construction area where we had our friends building towers as high as the sky! We were all having so much fun that we didn’t realise the time and before we knew it Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen asked us all to line up outside the bathroom to wash our hands and head inside for our morning tea that Miss Shannen and some of our friends had set up for us on the tables. Today we each enjoyed a bowl of yummy fruit bread with Miss Kristie’s home made strawberry jam and a selection of fresh fruit pieces to fill up our bellies for the morning. Once all our friends had finished eating their yummy morning tea we each packed away our own bowls and drink bottles and joined Miss Shannen down on the group time mat. We sung our good morning song, days of the week and today we discovered that it was WEDNESDAY, we said our welcome to country and greeted our friends and teachers to the day as we marked our class roll. We also had some of our friends bring in books from home – Miss Shannen read us “Mighty Mac from Thomas and Friends” and “The monkey with the bright blue bottom” Thank you so much friends for bringing in and sharing with us your special books from home. Miss Shannen also explained to all our friends what activities we had today and we were all so excited for the day ahead! All our friends transitioned to the table activities with their biggest Santa HO HO HO.

On one of the tables with Miss Shannen we had a cooking/baking activity, we had one of our friends kindly bring in a cupcake mix from home for us to all make Trolls themed cupcakes! We all washed our hands with lots of soap and sat down around the table as Miss Shannen read our the instructions, we each help to pour into the bowl the cupcake mixture, add in the milk, crack the egg, and mix in the butter with all the ingredients taking turns to mix the bowl until all of the ingredients were combined together creating a cupcake mixture. We then took turns in pouring the mixture into the lined cupcake cases and when we were finished Miss Shannen carefully took the cupcakes over to the kitchen to cook!

On another table with Miss Amy we had a finger painting art activity where our friends each dipped into the coloured paints their fingers and dot painted the entire page with different coloured dots and once dried Miss Stacey turned all our finger/dots into Christmas lights, we have displayed our finger/Christmas light paintings on our windows in the classroom for all to see!

The children also enjoyed playing on the carpet area of the room interacting with our newly decorated Christmas themed room, we had added in a large Christmas present arch, Christmas tree, fireplace, North pole and a Santa Christmas countdown along with lots of tinsel and lights! Its definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Mid morning Miss Jeni arrived for our  Funky Feet dance class and today Miss Jeni took us all outside for our dance class, we danced and boogied along to Christmas music, the floor is lava, freeze and Trolls. We all had so much fun dancing and moving our bodies.

We also practicing singing our Christmas concert songs for our party. We will be singing the songs – Jingle Bells, I’m a little snowman, and when Santa got stuck up the chimney. We are all doing so well keep up the great singing Senior Kindy! We are encouraging all our friends to practice the songs at home to help them each learn all their songs. We will be sending our the lyrics for all the songs in the next few weeks. We are also kindly asking if all our Senior Kindy friends and families can please donate to our raffle box that is downstairs in the reception area that will be raffled off back to you all on the evening of our Christmas party. We have also sent home in all our friends bags raffle tickets if you wish to purchase any to enter the raffle all processed raised go back into resources and supplies for our room!

This afternoon we help to decorate and ice the yummy cupcakes that we made earlier today and enjoyed them along with our afternoon tea.

Thank you Senior Kindy for such a fun day!

See you all tomorrow.

Lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx