This morning we sat on the mat with Miss Thea for  group time. We sang our good morning song and days of the week. We all sat around in a big circle on the mat and talked about Marko’s interest in gardening this week. We decided to get involved in that interest and plant seeds to make our own mini plants. We talked about the seeds that make the plant, and how it will gradually sprout and continue to grow over the week. The whole class were all very eager to try this activity.

Before the children ate lunch Miss Thea read lots of books. Edie bought in a book about sisters and the class all loved talking about their siblings after we read this book. Milah bought in “The Rainbow Fish” book, the children enjoyed this book because of the beautiful illustrations and sparkling colours we read more books such as “Green Eggs and Ham” and “The Lion King”.

Today for activity time we had explored: Today we had Leo come into our room for some morning tea and a play. Leo will be in our class from Thursday!!! Welcome to senior kindy Leo!

  • Building area, playing with Lego and magnetic connecting blocks. – Sammy, Mason, Ada, Zoey, Matthew, Oscar, Mia, Elaina, Marko, Lewis, Connor, Chloe, Charlie B.
  • Home corner – Everyone! 
  • puzzles- Mason, Marko, Charlie, Sammy, Elaina, Mia, Oscar, Zoey, Milah, Olivia, Ada.
  • Playdough – Everyone! 
  • Babies and Prams – Everyone! 
  • Animal Table – Everyone! 
  • Planting – Everyone! 

    We are making a family tree in our classroom; we would love to collect as many family photos as we could to add to the tree. If you would like to bring it in or email them, we would appreciate it. : )

    Thank you Senior Kindy! 

    Miss Neve and Miss Thea. 

Written by elcseniorkindy