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Senior Kindy – Wednesday 12th June, 2019

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At group time today, we sang the days of the week and our good morning song. Our big singers today were Sammy, Milah, Charlie and Olivia!

Everyone was excited as we introduced our new classmate Lewis to the class. Lewis enjoyed playtime all morning and was confident when talking with friends at the activity tables.

before we begun activities we had some yoga! and our yoga teacher taught some of us how to do handstands against the wall! 

We decided as we waited for our show, that we’d have different activities on the table such as:

-play dough -Emmett’s interest was animal’s today so with the playdough we got cutter shapes of animals and Sammy, Zoey, Emmett, Mason, Julia, Ada and Arianna enjoyed taking turns to make their own playdough animals

-coloured pegs and peg boards- Emmett, Mason, Zoey, Lewis, Sammy, Zoey, Julia, Ada, Ari and Olivia

-teddy bear and carts- Emmett, Mason, Lewis, Jovie, Ari, Olivia, Ada, Zoey, Milah, Charlie.

We then decided to play outside before the show, so to burn energy we had running races and music to dance around to. We had Marko and Charlie in one corner playing dinosaurs and horses. And then we had Jovie, Zoey, Lewis, and Olivia stuck into the activity table with the connecting blocks.

Before lunch we had our special show.  Miss Alicia taught us all about the magic in nature! She had Miss Neve help her to read the story as she acted it out for the children. Miss Alicia used sand, leaves, rocks, feathers and some dolls to help her tell the story. 

enjoy your evening,

Thea and Neve


Written by elcseniorkindy

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