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hello our senior kindy families !

we have had a super busy day today in the senior kindy room. we started off our day with a massive play outside in the yard enjoying the beautiful weather that was out this morning. all areas of the yard were busy with friends having lots of fun and sharing in lots of laughter . we were keen to get our day started as we had lots planned so we moved inside and sat on the mat for a group time.

after group time we washed our hands and had some morning tea of slice and fresh fruit.

we packed away and got stuck into our activities for the day. At one table Arianna, Emilia, Alby, Claudia and Mariette sat with Miss Elizabeth and started off on our mothers day gifts. At another tables Kesem, Levi, Blake, Sophie, Henry, Jamie and Connor sat with Miss Dakota and created some hand print poppy decorations for the Anzac day service we are preparing for, Charlotte really enjoyed putting together a face at the natural items and did a great job at finding items to match the facial features she was adding. Ava and Zac enjoyed moving throughout the room choosing from each activity and getting involved in all on offer. Ava, Levi, Blake, Zac and Charlotte went off with Miss Kate to enjoy some gymnastics aswell today.

we had such a good and fun filled day and everyone enjoyed it so lots. we hope you all enjoy the rest of your afternoon and we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Dakota