Hello and Happy Wednesday to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, we hope that everyone has had a great Wednesday! Welcome everybody to our Wednesday the 16th of December 2020 blog… Here is a little snippet on how we spent our Wednesday here at the Hills with Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen.

Firstly we would like to say a very BIG thank-you to all our friends and families who have kindly be bringing in special gifts we are all very so well loved! So thank so very much!

This morning the weather kept us inside with all the rain that we got earlier this morning it made all our yard and gardens so very wet again…

But that’s ok we had a lovely morning playing with our Pre Kindy friends in there room! We love being able to combine the classes together and see all our friends! We played in the Pre Kindy room till it was 9am, then we help to pack away the toys and areas we were playing with and lined up ready to walk over to our room to enjoy some yummy morning tea that Miss Stacey had set up for us all to eat! This morning we all had rumbling tummies and couldn’t wait to see what morning tea was… the children all had a bowl of fresh fruit pieces of bananas and rockmelon, then once they had finished eating their fruits we had a yummy freshly baked blueberry cake to fill up all their bellies! Yummy! When everyone had finished eating up their morning we all joined Miss Stacey down on the group time mat where we read some of our friends books that they had all brought in from room to share and read! We are absolutely loving all the Christmas books! During our group time today we had a little visit from Miss Shaz, Miss Shaz came in and sung some Christmas songs with us all and taught us a new song! Miss Shaz was so impressed with all our friends and how well they all were sitting on the mat and listening, well done Senior Kindy! Today we had an indoor day and this morning all the activities were choose by all our friends! We had free expression drawing, Pre-Writing Activity: The children sat in small groups at the tables and were offered some small cards with tracing words and letters written on the back of the card. The children were required to choose a whiteboard marker and use their fine motor and cognitive skills to trace the letters and words written on the card. Once complete, the children used their communication and language skills to sound out the letters and words and observe what they had just written. This was an excellent activity to build upon literacy skills, dancing to Frozen and Kids Pop along with lots of building blocks and cars! We all had a wonderful morning together!

Just a friendly reminder to our friends who attend Thursday that tomorrow is our Movie Day! We are going to be watching the animated film The Grinch that is rated G. We have a consent form that NEEDS to be signed by all parents if they wish for their child to participate and watch the film, no consent – no film. The children will also be enjoyed a yummy treat of popcorn as they watch the movie. We are also inviting all our friends to come dressed in their favourite PJs for the day and with all this wet weather we have been having it will be the perfect day to cosy up in your PJs and watch a movie! We can’t wait! If you have any questions regarding the movie please see Miss Stacey or Miss Shannen.

See you all tomorrow, enjoy your evenings.

Lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx