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Senior Kindy – Wednesday 18th September, 2019

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This morning Miss Neve did a group time, singing days of the week and our good morning song first. Miss Neve looked at our morning sign in sheet. She read it out loud to the children and talked about their interests today. Mason had an interest in painting, Milah had an interest in drawing, Zoey had an interest in Puzzles and Oscar had an interest in cars, trucks and trains.

Before lunch we listened to the story of the three little pigs the children love this story and like to help tell it.

For activity time:

·         Puzzles (to extend on Zoey’s interest) – Zoey, Mason, Oscar, Hendrix, Mia, Zoey, Milah, Edie and Lewis.

·         Home corner – EVERYONE!

·         Babies and Prams – Mia, Hendrix, Oscar, Edie, Olivia, Ari, Zoey, Milah, Elaina and Julia.

·         Blocks and cars (extending from Oscars interest) – Hendrix, Oscar, Sammy, Charlie, Mason, Lewis, Ada and Elaina.

·         Wooden shapes – making different pictures with Miss Neve- everyone explored this today.

·         Cutting and drawing (extending from Milah’s interest) – Elaina, Milah, zoey, chloe, Sammy and mason

·         Animal table – mason, Julia, ari, Charlie, elaina, ada, mia, Hendrix, Oscar and Chloe.

·         Painting (extending from Mason interest) – using the colours red, yellow and pink the children were able to paint anything they wanted.


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