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Hello and good afternoon to all our wonderful friends and families of our Senior Kindy class, welcome everyone to Wednesday the 1st of July 2020. Wow can you all believe that we are in July already! This year is just flying by!

Today we started to introduce our traffic/construction theme into the classroom. The children were shown flash cards of traffic lights, and what each colour meant. We also introduced Go and Stop Signs that we will use during dancing and other group time activities

We have slowly but surely began changing our room around to fit our new theme. Activities include:

  • Train tracks with trains set up on the grass mat.
  • Sensory trough with dump trucks with; shell grit, sand, rice, string and rocks.
  • Road puzzle with small cars
  • Building equipment in the green tubs such as cylinder blocks, small Duplo and stickle bricks

Road signs and traffic cones have been placed around the classroom all with symbols representing walking to ensure we are abiding by our inside classroom rules of walking safely around our space.


Giant Duplo: A cognitive activity which required to children to use their hand eye and their gross and fine motor skills to build tall towers. This activity also extended into colour identification as there were several different colours of blocks.

Garbage Man Visit: The children get so excited when the garbage truck comes to empty the bins. This is a very social activity where the children run up to the fence line to watch the truck and to wave to the driver.

Coloured Crayons Display Extension/ Adding Numeracy: We have also displayed our crayons outside on our new gate. This is an extension of our colour identification learning so that the children can link together their indoor and outdoor learning. We extended on this further today by adding number flash cards from 1-10 on the glass fence as another extension of our learning. Having these on display is a great way for children to learn through play, having these resources readily available at all times and for them to approach in their own time, without pressure.


Group time today sung our good morning song: Greeting all our friends and teachers to the day, marking the class roll together. Today 15 Friends joined us, so we counted up to 15 using our fingers and toes today!  Our friends Murry and Zara brought in some books from home to share with us all Books: Murray: In My Heart and Zara: Row, Kiwi, Row Your Boat

We also Introduced Flash Cards and More counting opportunities for the children. After completing an observation on a few children we have realised that this would be an effective learning area for the children to better their skills in. Children will be learning to identify numbers and to also count using their fingers or by pointing to an object or item.

As all our friends were so very well behaved today, so Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen offered the Hungry Caterpillar story on the projector screen as a treat. We are testing out our projector for our movie day in a few weeks.

Stay safe and see you tomorrow, lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx

We would also like to apologise today for no photos posted of our day we had a few internet issues.

Written by elcseniorkindy

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