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hello senior kindy families! Happy Wednesday

Finally the sun was out and shining bright this morning and we could go outside for play. The yard was very busy this morning with all our friends letting out their energy from being stuck inside the past few days. The sandpit ws bustling with lots of diggers, trucks and friends making cakes mixing the water with the sand, the bikes were all occupied all morning with all our friends showing great turn taking and sharing. The activity table was busy with blocks, connectors and books.

after a play outside we made our way inside for a quick group time before we would move back outside to eat our morning tea outside and spend our activity time in the yard.

For group time today the children turned on their listening ears and watching eyes and started off the group time with a roll call. Once we marked all our friends here we sung some songs:

–       Days of the week

–       Aboriginal acknowledgment

As a class we observed the weather outside and discussed what we could see:

–       Gabby saw “blue skies with sun”

–       Levi saw “clouds in the sky”

–       Kesem told her teacher she could “see the sun and sky behind the trees out of our window”

We spoke about how for the past few days it had been raining everyday so we haven’t been able to have a play outside and decided that today we wanted to spend our day outside playing and running around the yard on this beautiful day. before we made our way outside Miss Jenny arrived for dance and Miss Kim arrived to take Levi, Ava and Kesem to gymnastics

Gabby, Levi, Sophie and Arianna enjoyed helping out with cutting and along the way identifying the colors of the flags they were using. Ava, Connor and Claudia were busy at the sensory tray bringing the bunnies to life and watching the rice fall as the moved it from one cup the other. Alby, Jamie, Zac and Henry were zipping around the yard on the bikes, weaving in and out of obstacles in the way and racing each other to the other side of the yard.

we hope you enjoyed your day as we did and we look forward to seeing you again tomorrow.

Miss Elizabeth and Miss Dakota