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Hello and Happy Wednesday to all our wonderful Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome everyone to our Wednesday 25th of November 2020 blog.

Here is a little snippet on how we spent our Wednesday here at the hills with all our friends!

This morning we spent the morning inside our friends Pre Kindy room where we waited and greeted our friends as they arrived. With the weather being overcast we defiantly wanted to make the most of the weather while we could out exploring and engaging in the yard and the environment play spaces that were on offer for us all today.

We had lots of friends practicing the virtue patience as they waited patiently for their turn to ride and scoot on the big red bikes! We had bike races and friends kindly taking friends on the back of the bikes as they made their way around the yard and the bike tracks. The MUD kitchen was cooking up a storm! We had lots of cooking and baking happening with friends using the cooking trays, pots and pans to stir, mix and add in magic ingredients before placing the goods in the ovens to cook!

Just before 9:30am Miss Stacey and some friends help to set up our morning tea and drink bottles on the tables for all of us today, when the tables were ready Miss Shannen called for us all to line up at the bathroom door to wash our hands with lots of soap and water before we found a seat at the tabled and enjoyed a bowl of yummy fresh fruit pieces of bananas, honey dew and blueberries with fresh fruit toast with the option of adding Miss Kristie’s famous raspberry jam.

When everyone had finished enjoying their morning tea’s Miss Shannen handed out a wipe to wipe our own faces as some friends enjoyed the jam so much that they were saving some for later. All our friends then joined Miss Stacey down on the group time mat for our group time and for Miss Stacey to read our friends books that they had brought in from home to share. Miss Stacey read the books We’re going on a elf chase, Cars and trucks and things that go and Toy Story 2! We love when our friends bring in books from home! During our group time we also practised our Christmas concert songs (we have started to hand our take home lyrics of our songs for friends to practice)

Today we finished our Christmas crafts: Angels: The children used their imagination using special pens to colour in the angel stencil. We then used our creative collaging skills to stick cotton balls onto the wings to make our angel wings more creative and beautiful. Finally, We took a photo of ourselves representing identity and the children had a real sense of pride about their art work. And Christmas Stars: The children used their fine motor skills and creativity to use different coloured paint and glitter to paint their Christmas gift. This was completed in small groups and the children enjoyed identifying all the colours.

We also had some friends head off to the Tumble Tots with Miss Kim and Miss Kate, while the rest of our class headed over to the Toddlers yard for Funky Feet Dancing with Miss Jeni. Today our friends each had a solo dance where they each stood in front of the class and did a little dance along to some Christmas kids pop music, Miss Jeni then handed out to all our friends pom poms and we then all followed Miss Jeni as we danced to our Christmas dance song. We all did so well!

As it was nice and cool we decided to stay outside and have a play in the Senior/Pre Kindy yard before we settled down for some yummy lunch and a rest!

Thank you Senior Kindy for another great day!

Enjoy your evenings and we will see you all tomorrow.

Lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx