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Hello to all our wonderful Senior Kindy friends and families welcome to Wednesday the 28yth of October 2020, we hope that everyone has had just much fun as we have today here in the Senior Kindy room.

We started off our morning joining classes with our friends from Pre Kindy having a big play in our room as we waited for the sun to come out and warm up the yard, at 8am we all slip slop and slap applying our own sunscreen and finding our own hats as we got ready to head outside for a run and to explore the areas that were set up out in the yard. Today we had lots to see and do we had set up out on the tables numeracy puzzles, memory matching game and free expression drawing for all to get creative. The bikes were very popular today we lots of friends practicing the virtue patience as they all took turns in waiting for the bike, we even had some friends piggy back on the back as they all rode the bikes around on the tracks.

Just before 9:30am we lined up in our train outside the bathroom door as we sung our hand washing song making sure we got rid of all the germs singing top and bottom top and bottom in-between in-between rub your hands together rub your hands together squeaky clean squeaky clean as we washed our hands using lots of soap and water we then all got our water bottles and sat down at the tables ready for our morning tea that Miss Shannen had prepared for us. We all enjoyed a yummy bowl of fruit jelly and a selection of fresh fruit pieces topped off with some yummy vanilla yogurt to fill up all our bellies for the morning.

When all our friends had finished eating their morning tea we all packed away our bowls and joined Miss Stacey down on the group time mat for our morning group time, today during group time we read our friends Amelia and Emily’s books that they had so kindly brought in from home to share with us. We also sung our days of the week song followed by our good morning song and welcoming of the land. Continuing with our Halloween crafts Miss Stacey explained to all our friends on our craft activity for today, and today we each made our own witch face. Miss Stacey explained that we had to use lots of different shapes to create the face we had triangles, squares, rectangles, moon crests and a witches hat we then used the glue sticks and glued each shape down on a piece of paper to create our witches! This was a great activity for colour and shape recognition. We have displayed our witches faces down at the reception office for all our friends and families to see.

Today we asked the children what activities they wanted out for the morning, we had lots of friends ask for the felt boards, puppets and cars, dress ups for role play in the home corner, and music to dance too. We all were having such a great morning together we had some friends head over to Tumble tots with Miss Kim and Miss Kate, today is also dance class with Miss Jen today Miss Jen played some new tunes for us to move and groove along too as a whole class Miss Jen taught us a skeleton dance were the song identifies each bone in our body, we also danced along to some Halloween themed songs finishing off our dance class with each friend having a solo dance shaking some pom poms along to the tunes!

As we were all still had so much energy Miss Bea and Miss Shannen took all our friends outside for a play and some running races just before we all settled down for some yummy chicken salad wraps and a rest.

Don’t forget tomorrow and Friday our own Halloween dress up days we can’t wait to see you all dress up and ready for some Halloween fun!

Enjoy your evenings, thank you friends all for such a great day we will see you all tomorrow

Lots of love Miss Stacey, Miss Shannen and Miss Bea xx