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Hello and happy Wednesday to all our friends and families of our wonderful Senior Kindy class! We hope that all our families have all had a great day and as much fun as we all have today in Senior Kindy with Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen.

Here is little snippet of how we all enjoyed our Wednesday here at the Hills!

This morning we all started off our day inside the Pre Kindy room with our friends and some of our friends from Pre Kindy. We spent a bit longer inside this morning as Mr. Nick was fixing some areas within the yard. We had lots of friends spilt up into smaller groups as they engaged in each area in the Pre Kindy room, we had some friends role play using their imagination in the home corner area cooking and caring for babies, another group enjoyed the sensory rice tub that was out on the mat with lots of measuring cups and spoons to transfer to and from and up on the tables we had friends engaged in the block/construction activities using their team building skills in creating lots of towers together! Well done Senior Kindy! When we were able to venture outside into the yard we all headed out together with our hats, shoes and sunscreen on! We also had a longer play out in the yard to make up for the time we lost this morning. Just before 9:30am we all lined up outside the bathroom to wash our hands and get inside to the nice air conditioned room as it was definitely warming up outside! Miss Stacey had some special helpers today who help to set up all the tables with our morning tea bowls and water bottles. Our friends each enjoyed a yummy piece of muesli slice that had yummy choc chips inside along with some fresh fruit pieces of bananas, strawberries and blueberries filling up all our bellies for the morning.

Some friends noticed that we had some footprints on the tables and it lead to arrows on the wall… Our Christmas Elf arrived last night and decided to climb up on the tables and chairs making his way up the wall and to our hanging tinsel where he was sitting! We all were so very excited to see Elf and we cant wait to see all what he gets up to each day leading up to Christmas! Watch this space….

When all our friends had finished enjoying their morning tea we all joined Miss Stacey down on the group time mat for a group time. Today we had so many friends bring in books to share and read we didn’t know what book to start with! Thank you friends for sharing with us today keep the Christmas books coming in!

For our art activity this morning a group of children sat down at the tables with Miss Stacey and made Butterfly  Effect Christmas Baubles: The children chose to use utensils made from rope and sponge to paint, as a different type of tactile and were offered two colours in which they had to identify. The children covered the paper in green and red paint and then were asked to fold the paper in half, and apply pressure. When the children unfolded the paper, they found that it made a special identical effect which much represented a butterfly. Once the paintings were dry, Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen turned these paintings into Christmas Baubles to help decorate our room.

Today we also enjoyed our Wednesday dance class with Miss Jeni from Funky Feet! We all practiced our Christmas dance and also did a bit of ballet showing Miss Jeni our twirls and our ballet moves.

We have all had so much fun today and have Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen reminded us all to drink lots of water keeping hydrated with this warmer weather.

A friendly reminder that our Christmas Concert is next Wednesday the 9th of December starting from 4pm-5pm. We hope to all see you there for a festive afternoon.

Enjoy your evening and we will see you all tomorrow

Ps Our friends Evie and her family made all our friends so yummy cookies to each take home, please see photo in blog of ingredients used in the cookies each friend has a cookie in their bag.

Lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xxx