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Welcome to a crazy Halloween day in Senior Kindy,

We had a fun day today. In the morning we all relaxed with a yoga class before morning tea and to gain back all our energy for this activity filled day for Halloween. The children had a great time learning all the different animal postures.

After morning tea we set up the tables in Senior Kindy and Pre Kindy and the children were able to choose the activities of their own interest. We had orange ‘pumpkin’ playdough, we made yummy puffpastry halloween cookies with our friends, Miss Parisa made amazing facepaint and next doof had some drawing activities as well as the movie coco. What a lovely time everyone had and all the children found something to explore.

After a yummy lunch we all had a little nap and rest to get our energy back for the afternoon and loved exploring the outdoor yard when we ventured outside after afternoon tea.

Have a lovley day and it will be Miss Kate and Miss Parisa in the room tomorrow

Miss Parisa and Miss Nadine

Written by elcseniorkindy

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