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Hello and good afternoon to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome to Wednesday the 4th of November 2020. We hope that everyone has had wonderful day just as much as we have here in Senior Kindy with all our friends and teachers.

This morning we all couldn’t wait to go out into the yard and explore the areas with friends from Pre Kindy and Senior Kindy. We had some friends who welcomed all our friends at the top of the stairs with a big smile as they arrived for the day.

The children found a giant puzzle offered on the activity table outside for the children to approach in their own time. The children were required to use their cognitive thinking and fine motor skill abilities to piece together the puzzle in the correct order. They all worked so well together to complete and put all the pieces together.

While we were outside all together we checked our green house, we watered our soil and then we placed our seeds out in the sun so that they can grow. We discussed the lifecycle of a plant again and made sure we were doing all the necessary steps to help our seeds sprout! We noticed today that our seeds have in fact started to sprout and we are so excited to watch them grow! We were all so excited that our seeds were growing!

When it was time for us all to head inside for some yummy morning tea and our group time we all lined up in the form of a train as we made our way in groups of four to the bathroom to wash our hands practicing good hygiene. Morning tea this morning was another group favourite of fresh fruit bread with Miss Kristie’s home made strawberry jam spread on top with banana pieces and blueberries to fill up our bellies we really enjoyed the yummy bread and jam this morning leaving our faces with a strawberry moustache. When all our friends had finished eating and enjoying their morning tea we all joined Miss Stacey down on the mat for our group time.

Today we discussed some Christmas songs with the children and asked them what songs they would like to sing, giving the children a choice in what they extend upon and learn. We have picked one song and started learning the words and movements to that today, teaching our bodies about co-ordination and bi-lateral thinking to be able to complete two tasks at once. We plan on practicing our Christmas songs everyday so that we can be amazing at our Christmas party, we also had some of our friends kindly bring in their book from home to share and for Miss Stacey to read to us all. We had the books Peter Rabbit: Lily’s Party and Snow White. Thank you so much to our friends who brought them in to share.  We also asked the children today what activities they wanted to have out for the morning and we had lots of friends request for the playdough that we made yesterday to be one of the activities along with role play in the home corner area where lots of friends dressed up and used some of the Halloween props to create a story.

Mid morning Miss Jen arrived for our dance class and the children ventured over to the Pre Kindy classroom for dance. The children were a little overwhelmed due to being in a different space, but engaged and held focus really well as Miss Jen led them through a number of dancing activities. We played the freeze game which built upon our executive functioning skills, and we took turns at using the light up wants for a solo dance experience. The children are all becoming very confident during this inclusive activity which is fantastic to see.

We have all had a awesome day all together and getting very excited that Christmas is next month we will be starting to decorate our classroom in the next few weeks. Watch this space to see what magic we bring to the room…

Parents and friends just a friendly reminder that This Friday is Floral Friday for the month of November.

Enjoy your evenings and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. We are also on the hunt for empty boxes if you have any lying around at home we are wanting to use them for our room.

Lots of love Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen xx