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Good afternoon to all of our families and welcome to our wonderful Wednesday!

We have had an amazing day filled with outdoor adventures, we chose to escape to the outdoors today after we have all spent so much time inside over the past week and this was welcomed by the children immensely. We explored our sand play area and used lots of buckets and spades along with a variety of kitchen utensils to construct and create. We used lots of energy as we climbed on our jungle gym and practiced our balance on our stepping buckets, Our water pump area was very busy with our children experimenting with the moving water and placing leaves and bark in the water flow to watch them float downstream, we also had lots of fun using our imaginations to bring our dinosaur play to life! We were also very lucky to have Miss Bea stop by and teach us some fun new games to play with our big yellow yoga ball.

Thank you senior kindy for such amazing adventures!

Miss Rochelle and Miss Dakota