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Hello and Happy Wednesday to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome to Wednesday the 8th of January 2020.

Our morning started off with a big run and play out in the yard, we had some friends get creative with i chalk sticks and draw lots of pictures on the outdoor tiles. We then added in water and paintbrushes for the children to paint with water on the tiles, it was a great and fun activity enjoyed by many. It was also the perfect weather for a little fun with water.

We all enjoyed our play in the yard this morning, as the weather was warming up we decided to head back inside a little bit earlier today into our nice cool room.

Miss Stacey asked all our friends to line up outside our room door forming a big train, toot toot all aboard! We all then joined Miss Stacey and Miss Shannen on our group time mat for our group time. We started off our group time with some relaxing mediation music to help relax our bodies as it was a very busy morning outside. We then sung our good morning song, days of the week, twinkle twinkle and Miss Stacey did some of her felt stories and we loved Old McDonald, the children then transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands ready for morning tea.

Morning tea this morning we had yummy fruit toast with a fresh fruit platter – bananas, rockmelon and strawberries we all had lots of friends really enjoy the bread today leaving not a crumb insight. Yummy we then had a little bit of homemade strawberry jam ontop of our toast.

Once all our friends had finished their morning tea and their bellies were full we were off to explore and play in the room with all our new activities, we had friends request for some ‘Frozen’ music to sing and dance along too, we also had the playdough out on the big table along with the cookie cutters and cups, and our home corner/café area was our most popular space everyone has such a good time in their using their imagination to create and cook the most yummiest of treats for all our friends.

Just before we settled down for our yummy lunch and a rest we read some of our books from our book corner and had a little dance under our disco ball and fairy lights.

Thank you everyone for another fun and wonderful day together, all our friends have been playing so well together and we are seeing lots of friendships blossom.

Parents we are asking kindly for everyone of our families to please bring in a family photo for us to add to our family tree. We would very much apricate if you can bring them along for us to add.

See you all tomorrow

Miss Stace and Miss Shannen xx



Written by elcseniorkindy

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