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Hello to all our Senior Kindy friends and families, welcome to Wonderful Wednesday the 9th of October 2019.

Today Miss Thea was away and we had Miss Shannen from Kindergarten in our room today to help with all our friends and Miss Neve.

This morning was another lovely spring morning to be outdoors exploring the outdoor spaces and activities we had, we had many friends sliding down the big slide, using the Lego blocks to construct some amazing constructions we had cars, rockets and towers, with the beautiful weather we had today and everyone playing all so nicely together we decided to have an extend play time outside.

Once it was time for us all to go inside for the morning we lined up in one big train and made our way inside for our yummy morning tea and mat time. We put all our hats away, washed our hands with lots of soap practicing good hygiene and sat down at the table and chairs for morning tea. This morning we all enjoyed some yummy fresh fruit toast with a selection of fresh fruit from strawberries, rockmelon, mandarin and apple slices to fill up our tummies. We had some friends enjoy their morning tea so much that we had beautiful manners asking for more!

As our friends finished eating their morning tea we all put our drink bottles away on the trolley, and placed our empty plates on the sink. We sat down all together on the group time mat with Miss Shannen and had our morning group time, we sung our ABC’s, greeted all our friends and teachers finishing off with reading the book about Peppa Pigs Adventures to Australia, we absolutely loved listening to this book this morning. Thank you for sharing.

Miss Neve set up some table activities for us this morning we had a drawing table with fabric markers and chalk for free expression art, puzzles, bird connectors, painting pumpkins and we had a cutting activity where the children had to cut the lines along the ghost using their fine motor skills, they all did very well with cutting.

We were all having so much fun this morning that the morning went so quick and before we knew it, it was time for us to get ready for lunch and rest time but just before we settled down for lunch we had a little dance party with dancing to the Wiggles songs we were moving and grooving to all our favourite songs.

Lunch today we all enjoyed chicken nuggets and roast veggies with a side of salad, some friends were happy to try a little gravy on the side to dip their chicken nuggets in. Yummy!

Today has been a fantastic day, everyone was all very happy and settled with lots of laughter and happy faces.

We hope that everyone enjoys their evenings and we will see all our friends tomorrow for another fun filled day in the Senior Kindy room.

Enjoy the photos from our day!

Miss Neve and Miss Shannen. 

Tomorrow Miss Dana will be in the room with Miss Neve



Written by elcseniorkindy

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