Today the children enjoyed having Miss Bea in the yard Miss Bea danced with Mariette, Arianna, Connor and Isla as well as teaching them how to do different tricks with the hula hoop, the children also had so much fun playing in the Mud kitchen today they used the tap in the kitchen to fill their pots and pans with water as well as sand. the children also enjoyed ridding on the bikes. Alby, Henry and Levi enjoyed making a wall out of the big coloured blocks they laughed as their friends stopped to climb over it. the children also had fun with the big colour cones jumping from one cone to the next.

This morning Miss Bea read to the children a book titled I wish I could read a book about an animal who wished that he could read a book, Miss Bea also sang Old mcdonalds farm as well as old mcyogies farm the children did yoga poses instead of making animal noises, the children enjoyed this very much

The children had a second group time with Miss Elizabeth before lunch, Alby had asked in the morning if they could listen to a thunder storm on the speaker so we pulled all the curtains closed and lay down to listen to a storm the children all said that they didn’t think it was scary at all. Charlotte asked if we could listen to room on a broom while the story was playing we used our imagination to picture what was happening we only listened to the start of the story before moving off to get ready for lunch.

Today the children transitioned to the bathroom to wash their hands after group time, Miss Elizabeth asked the children who’s name started with the letter J Jamie shouted out that his name starts with the letter J for Jamie the class also said that Jonathan starts with the letter J Miss Elizabeth asked the children if Jonathan and Jamie could pick a action card each Jonathan picked flap your arms like a chicken and Jamie picked jump like a goat Miss Elizabeth asked the children to pick which one they wanted to be as they moved to the bathroom all the children had so much fun jumping and flapping to the toilet to wash their hands.

The children continued with the spring farm interest today with Miss Bea tracing the children’s hands and then turning them into chickens, the children used glue to glue feathers as a tail and put on googly eyes as well a beak and chicken legs, the children enjoyed all the different elements that this activity had from gluing to drawing. the children also practiced their colours today Miss Ash asked some friends if they could match the animal shape with the colours barn the children had to fit the shape through the shape hole the children enjoyed the challenge of this activity. the children also sat at an activity at the other table this activity was a sensory tray Miss Elizabeth had put in different dried beans as well as pine cones the children moved the beans around and used them to decorate the pine cones.

Today the children played with the connector blocks make lots of trucks and planes with them Henry, Jamie, Levi, Hugh and Jonathan pushed and zoomed them around the room. Pip, Isla, Mariette and Arianna played with the dolls in the home corner dressing them up and reading books to them. Mila, Birdie, Connor, Emilia, and Charlotte had fun playing at the investigation table looking at all the loose parts and the insects that are there.