Miss Chloe

My name is Miss Chloe and I’m thrilled to have the pleasure of introducing myself. Since 2016, I’ve been on an incredible journey with Benowa Early Learning/Benowa Hills Early Learning, and today, I want to share a bit about myself and the heart-warming experiences that have shaped my career. I embarked on this adventure as a fresh 19 year old ready for a career, armed with a passion for foster the growth and development of young minds. For 5 years I worked at our sister Centre – Benowa Early Learning. Here, I had the privilege of working with an amazing team dedicated to providing a nurturing environment for children to learn, play and discover their unique potential – all the while discovering my own. Benowa has taught me an array of life lessons – as an educator you learn about empathy, compassion, patience, communication and the ability to bring to life your inner child.
Benowa was truly my second home, however, after 5 years of dedication it was time for a break in my career – this is when I made the decision to move over to Hayman Island in the Whitsundays. On Hayman – I had the pleasure of being the Kids Club Supervisor – here we had children aged from 4-12 and would embark on incredible adventures – from hikes, to kayaking, to coconut bowling and fish feeding (giant trevally’s to be exact). Hayman has really fuelled my outdoorsy side and has highlighted the importance of nature for a child’s development. I was on Hayman for over 2 years where I met some incredible people and have made everlasting memories. However it was time for some travelling! After a few adventures, it was time to come home and it felt right to reach out to the Benowa Centres once again (it is home, after all) Now I have the privilege of working at Benowa Hills Early learning – not only as an Educator but as the Assistant Director too.
I feel honoured to be a part of BHELC/ in childcare – my time in childcare has been incredibly fulfilling. Working in childcare is more than just a job; it’s a calling that continually fosters personal growth while guiding the next generation – this truly inspires and motivates me daily. I can’t wait to see what the future brings on this journey