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Good Evening Toddlers two families! This morning the yard was a blank canvas for the children to bring out their desired toys. Michael brought in some pieces of bark he found on his walk to kindy this morning and with Adam they used them to make a bonfire. The explored the yard and collected a rang eof leaves and sticks to finish their bonfire. Emmy, Remi, Claudia and Shylie asked Miss Desree to bring out the face paint. They all sat nicely waiting for their turn and shared laughter when having a look in the mirror at their Halloween face paint. Millie and Claudia took turns using the scissors working different muscles to develop their fine motor skills.

(LO1, LO2 and LO3- Child Initiated: the children enjoy helping set the yard and enjoy role playing with their friends. The toddlers danced to the songs and used a mixture of gross motor and fine motor skills)


today we had dance with Miss Jen. All the children got involved today moving and grooving to the music. The toddlers strengthened the different muscles they use to dance that do not use when just standing or walking. Through dancing the toddlers learn to coordinate and control their bodies and dancing with also help to develop their special awareness. Claudia and Aubry showed off their best dance moves and showed great colour recognition when the song asked the children to find a certain colour.

 For group time today, the toddlers sat like big children with their legs crossed and their hands in their laps. To start the morning off we did our routine:

  • The days of the week
  • Aboriginal greeting

Next, Miss Marina and Miss Desree demonstrated to the children the songs they would be singing at our Christmas party and the actions along to it. The children did a great job at following along and picking up the actions. Rafii was particularly excited about the songs as he danced around, giggling and encouraging his friends who were a bit nervous.

(LO5: group time is child and teacher initiated. The children are effective communicators and learn new ways of expressing themselves such as creating a song for others to sing)



after group time the children chose the activities that interested them.

  • Claudia, Millie, Adam, Chen yi, Ava, Rafi, Bowie, Emmy and Michael loved the green water that was filled with wriggly worms (stings of wool). They used pots and different shaped measuring tools to transport the water and worms from one container to another.
  • At the table Miss Marina set up heuristic items with the magnets and connection tubes. Adam, Bowie, Levi, Michael, Aubry, Elsa, Shylie and Alby loved this experience and experimented with the different items
  • In book corner Connor and Maddie enjoyed reading books to the puppets

Over all its been a great day

See you all tomorrow

Miss Des’ree, Miss Dakota, Miss Marina and Mr Lachie